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About Jennifer Wirawan

Picture of Jennifer Wirawan.My name is Jennifer Wirawan and I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my wife Anita, two crazy cats, and Andy the dog. Alaska is gorgeous and I love spending time outdoors doing things like biking, camping, and geocaching or just driving around aimlessly to take it all in. During the winter I like to hang out with friends, play Rockband, and catch a hockey game when I can.

I’ve had a fascination with cemeteries and genealogy ever since I was a child but never really got into it until I came across a site called Find A Grave. Once I discovered the Find A Grave project and the hobby of graving I realized that I not only could explore my interests but also help people at the same time.

It feels great to be able to help someone find out where their loved ones are buried and send them pictures of the headstone if they can’t visit right away.

I’ve come across a lot of amazing things and adventures while graving so I decided to start this graving blog so I could share it with you. You can read all about it at:

Graving With Jenn